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JoJo planet

Line Art Group a.s.

The quest cast upon us was the creation of a meeting point for kids; a place where they could play all day, learn something valuable, and still not get bored. And at the same time, to promote JoJo candy, which is a major Nestlé brand in the Czech Republic.

We put a lot of ourselves into this one and built a planet with seven continents bursting with games. They ranged from the simplest “spot the difference” activites to quite complicated interactive flash games with intriguing game mechanics. Due to more than satisfactory results, we kept this project until its very end, developing new games and content every week for two years

  • Development and maintenance of the website
  • Hundreds of interactive games for kids
  • Two years of successful project management
  • Louskáček 2010 Bronz

I have never in my life made up so many games for kids, and I have a teaching qualification! I’m not sure who had more fun on JoJo Planet, those of us who developed it, or the kids playing with it.

Renata Pavlíková
Interaction Designer, SYMBIO Digital